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Welcome! Sit down make yourself comfortable.

I’m so fortunate to have an incredible job that I love which both challenges and fulfills me. Yet, none of what I do would be as meaningful to me without an audience to share it with. I work hard no matter the role. And to be able to create as a working actor, singer, director, writer, producer and mom and find moments of joy is a fete I continue to attempt. It's amazing to recognize opportunity to live more fully within each day. And as an artist I don't take it for granted that my job is to create. 

Stay up to date on all the latest news about productions, events, and community work I’m involved with by having a look at the articles/pages on my site. Hope to work with you.

"Two such episodes were particularly spectacular: the Sirens episode, which gives Thompson a chance to play a pimped-out Granddaddy Tiresias, Troupe to play Diana Ross, Hall to do Tina Turner, and Sullivan to tear up the trunktop of a gold Caddy convertible as James Brown. Even better (and “better” is a relative word amidst such strong ensemble performances) is Troupe’s performance as Calypso, who tempts Ulysses with a monologue about food that had the audience salivating as she caresses every sound and syllable."


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