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February 2020

I had the distinct pleasure of performing at American Repertory Theater in several roles in Dave Malloys  and Rachel Chavkin's "Moby Dick". Everything about this theater and this team is heaven sent. They know how to put on a show and take the impossible and make it work. I had such a wonderful time bringing Father Mapple, Captain of the Albatross, Boomer and Captain Gardiner of the Rachel to life night after night and cannot wait to do it again.


After closing a successful run of Moby Dick at A.R.T., I embark on a new journey in a television series about loss, betrayal, and women. Look out for me this February in a new web series called "The ReTreat" written and directed by Ashley Miles and Ricki Cummins of Nuanse Entertainment, LLC. We had so much fun working all around the New York, New Jersey and Poconos areas that when it was all done we wanted to start again. I play the mother a two young girls whose lives become intertwined with celebrity and intertwined with despair. The entire team was made up of women, black women who made room for one another to shine. It was a brilliant team and the story is truly compelling. One we need to be talking about today and for future generations. This is only Season 1 and I'm enthralled. "The ReTreat" is coming soon and I hope you enjoy.

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