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A day on set: an exclusive interview with Hollywood's newest star (that's me!)

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

So I had the opportunity to work with an undergrad recently who cast me as the mother in a short with a young tennis prodigy who gets caught up in appeasing everyone except herself. To her own detriment. Working with students on camera, behind the scenes or in the classroom is such a thrill to me and this was no exception.

Jordan our director, who the story is loosely based on, was intentional on working alongside other females on set and with only a few people managed to take care of everyone involved. Sam our producer and Lea the DP who were also students made the set and experience really fun by joking and keeping the young and old engaged. I only had two days of shooting, one late night and one early morning and these ladies kept their schedule fairly tight. It was impressive to see the future generation taking control and being professional before they step out to larger gigs.

I will neither claim nor deny that someone may get pushed out a window. But we'll see.

The short should be ready for release within the next month and I can't wait to share. Please check back for more updates. See you on location!

Director Jordan Perez
Dawn L. Troupe as Mom in "Wunderkind"

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