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Chasing the Great White Whale

Working at American Repertory Theater (in Boston) on Moby Dick and thoroughly overwhelmed by the show of support and opportunity to be a part of this epic work. Written by Dave Malloy and directed/developed by Rachel Chavkin this has been a very exciting and brave dive into the construct of America and its people. I have the honor of playing various roles that attempt to challenge your mind, your awareness and your role in todays history. What side will you be on? I love work that is more than just an art form and Moby Dick is truly taking up the task of what roles we play in society. And the music is amazing, the cast phenomenal and the ALL the designs are top notch. A.R.T. is no joke they are putting great works out and doing the work to bring a collective consciousness to life.

If you have a chance come through we run through January 12th, 2020. What a way to end this year. I'm grateful and know that I'm blessed. Here's to more of this and more.

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